Apple TV 5/5

Going for the Apple home package our newest addition just became an Apple TV. It’s a cute little black box with the typical aesthetic design which includes an HDMI port.

Turning on you login with an iTunes account and then connect it to the home sharing network. By default it comes with dozens of applications like HBO, ESPN, Showtime, and WSJ. A good majority however require a subscription. Same goes for the TV shows and Music, free stuff is pretty difficult to find.



And then luckily there’s the Computer button at the very end. Here we find all the Movies, Music, and Podcasts that can be found on a personal laptop or whatever device has home sharing enabled.

There’s a plethora of customizations like a picture screen saver that’s loaded from the iTunes Photostream.


There’s also the Podcast Channel where we can find all of the great podcasts we love to listen and watch.


Overall I’ve been very satisfied with the features, customizations, and channels the Apple TV provides. Been enjoying my favorite podcasts, listening to my music, streaming YouTube videos, and even doing screen share from the iMac. It’s definitely an amazing improvement over the slow built in SmartApp the Samsung TV shipped with 🙂


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