iPad Air 5/5

A couple of months ago I ended up buying an iPad Air, mostly with the intentions of testing it out and then returning it to the store for a full refund. But somewhere along the way I fell in love with the device, even thought the beginning was a little tough. The first couple of weeks were my finals, so there was little time to experiment on it, and it pretty much laid in my bookback gathering dust.

The glowing Apple logo
The main screen

Then my internship with JPMorgan started and I finally tried incorporating it into my life. Because we had plenty of meetings I began using it for note taking and wrote dozens of pages with my fancy stylus. But no matter how hard I tried the notes looked disorganized and I never seemed to come back to them. Carrying around a small Evernote notebook was a lot more convenient and useful.
More bad notes

Then one day we were given a project to create a website. So during my free time I pulled out the iPad to do a little sketching, and found it pretty useful for jotting down ideas. There are a couple of really good sketching apps like Paper and Bamboo Paper.

We also spent quite a good time exploring the Dallas area, visiting parks, dog parks, and the natural preserve they have up north. During the trips I found the iPad camera really valuable, I have an iPhone 5, and a Galaxy 4, but for some reason the pictures taken with the iPad ended up being the best. It might just be the bigger screen that helps me see the details better, but I usually end up really happy with the pictures.

At the lake
Relaxing a little
Little rascal

Finally being back in Austin and starting the Fall semester, I’ve gone a little farther. I used to be a big advocate for physical textbooks, I loved the feeling you get from flipping a page, and the temporary relief from the bright computer screen. But recently I’ve been reading all of my textbooks on the iPad, this extremely lightens up my backpack. So all I ever have to carry are my MacBook and iPad.

I’ve also found the WordPress iPad app, which is amazing. Gosh it makes writing posts so easy and convenient. Today I’m also testing an app called Byword, which might just be another breakthrough 🙂

More information for iPad Air on Amazon

Writing a post
Current collection


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