Mac Mini Review 4.5/5

Mac mini Review

I bought the Mac mini along with the Apple Thunderbolt Display, Apple Wireless Keyboard, and the Magic mouse a little over a year ago at the local Best Buy. For the first couple of months it served as a personal server for some of my websites and worked great under the light load it received. However, eventually I realized it might be cheaper to pay the $5/month hosting than having the machine turned on 24 hours a day and worrying about the occasionaly updates that required a reboot. But back to the Mac…

Mac mini unboxing

As usual the design of the box was very well planned, with the hollow paper cover encasing the cardboard box holding the Mac. Pulling out the cardboard box the first thing you notice is the brilliant black sheen of the Apple logo penetrating the glossy protective wrapper.

The captivating black Apple logo on the smooth finish of the mini
The very captivating black Apple logo on the smooth finish of the mini.

For its size theres alot of protective wrapping

Underneath the device there’s a round “lid” that opens up easily with the twist of your wrist. No additional tools are necessary, just unlock and twist. Inside we can find the 2 RAM memory modules the device comes with 2x 2GB for a total of 4GB of memory.
With the bottom lid undone we gain access to the memory modules.

Bottom lid
For regular usage and even for general software/web development the 4GB of RAM has served me really well. I’ve only encountered problems a few times and that’s whenever I was virtualizing web servers on the machine. But virtualization typically has heavy RAM requirements and should be done on more specialized machines.

Wow, the Thunderbolt is an incredible display with fantastic sounds and flawless picture. The 27″ display has enough real estate for multiple applications running comfortably side by side where you can clearly see every detail.
Thunderbolt display
When it worked it was incredible and I am definitely planning on purchasing another. But I had to return it because of a slight problem I encountered. The display would ocassionaly turn off sometimes repeatedly 3–4 times. This was an annoying problem due the fact the display has no power button, so when it shutdown for about a minute I was left bedazzled about what to do. A problem you wouldn’t expect with a $1000 display.

Mac Mini, Wireless Keyboard, Magic mouse, and the 27 inch Thunderbolt display.
Magic mouse
Mac Mini, Wireless Keyboard, Magic mouse, and the 27 inch Thunderbolt display. I love the feel of the Magic mouse which runs really smooth and works on most surfaces, except for glass. I modified my glass table with a square of black window tint to make it compatible.
Wireless Keyboard

Wireless Keyboard2
The wireless keyboard is really light and compact, it feels very comfortable even when holding and typing without a surface.

Thunderbolt Display

By default the mini comes with a 5400RPM 1TB hard drive which I believe deals the biggest performance penalty to the machine. I would definitely recommend upgrading the HDD because my MacBook with identical processor and RAM, yet a Solid State Drives functions drastically faster and much smoother.

Overall Impression

In general I’m very happy with the Mac mini, the processor speed and RAM allow me to do my daily programming and web surfing. I haven’t encountered any memory issues that would require me to slow down, the 1TB of memory fits all my pictures and hundreds of movies without even hitting 50% of my capacity. Recently I’ve upgraded to OS X Yosemite and enabled home sharing with my Apple TV, now I’m streaming all my movies, music, podcasts, and pictures to the TV. With the iPhone remote App I can even control the music playing on the mini from a different room. I love the interconnectivity Apple has created between the devices and the Mac mini serves an important role as the central unit and storage.


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