iPhone 6 Review Part 1

iPhone 6
New size
Start up

iPhone 6 unboxing and pictures 3/5

Yesterday I finally received the iPhone 6 in the mail and was so excited to test it out. My initial impressions have been a little mixed, with the new size and iCloud backup restore posing quite a few challenges. So far I’m under the impressions Samsung managed to get into the heads of the designers because there are quite a number of changes that remind me of my wife’s Galaxy S5. For example the power button being shifted to the right side, but more drastically holding the phone in your hand it feels identical to the Galaxy just a bit heavier.

the iPhone on top of its box

the flush screen design

iPhone with accessories first booting up.


The new size comes with a couple of side effects, all of a sudden the iPhone becomes a two handed phone. With the iPhone 5 I was able to easily touch anything on the screen, whichever corner and whatever button with one hand. It was as simple as moving my thumb, with the new iPhone, I’m not able to touch the top bar of the screen. This hinders my ability to press the back or next buttons with the thumb and now I need my left hand to do that.

With the new size come new difficulties, like pressing the top buttons..

iPhone 6 with accessories


When the iPhone first boots up it asks whether to start up as a new phone, use iCloud backup, or use iTunes backup. Since I make regular iCloud backups that was the option I chose, unfortunatly it somehow managed to grab a different username, even after signing into the iCloud with my personal credentials it kept asking for some other users password, after pressing Skip a couple of times and the phone finally booting into the iOS I kept being asked to provide a password for this email I’ve never seen before.

So I decided to do an iTunes backup, yet I didn’t have the “supported version” of iTunes installed, so I had to wait for it to download. Before it got done about half an hour later, I just decided to boot up as a brand new phone and avoid the backup/recovery process. To reset the phone, I just used the iCloud.com “Find my phone” -> erase the phone feature , which forced it into a factory reset/recovery.

Attempting an iCloud backup

Getting someone elses iTunes account

Finally my account showed up

Random login screens

Random login screens 2

Reseting the phone and starting a brand new phone instead of using backups finally fixed the login prompt and random account requests.

iPhone camera sticks out a little

Added the smiley face line?

Part 2 will be out in a couple of days, after I go out and take some pictures with the camera and test out the speakers. Here are some more pictures for now.

startup screen







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