Powerbeats 2 Wireless In-Ear Headphones


Searching for a pair of wireless headphones to use throughout the day. At the gym, sometimes at work, or even school. Last week I bought a pair of Jaybird Bluebird-X’s, but the sound quality was very poor and so decided to invest a little more and bought the Powerbeats 2. The packing was interesting, very similar to the Barnes and Noble’s Nook, it “pops” out of the box, instead of the typical slide out.



15 minutes of charging for 1 hour of playback sounds very appealing. I wonder what the maximum play time is? On the Beats website it says about 6 hours of total playtime and 90 minutes to full charge. 



Unpacking the box the first we come across are the headphones. The ear pieces are very tightly packed and I was worried about breaking them. You just have to pull pretty well to separate them from the paper.



Further unpacking we discover a little pack with the usb charger and additional ear pieces of different styles. We even have the heavy duty gun range ear plugs. Then we have a cute little case and the manual.



When compared to the Bluejay’s the sound is spectacular, much cleaner, and the bass much deeper. Listening to the Bluejay’s I felt like the music was far away and couldn’t really feel it. The Beats do a lot better, the sound quality is comparable to the reliable basic iPhone headphones.

Bluejay’s had this very frustrating “feature” where the music paused every time the remote was used. Whenever the volume was lowered or increased the music would pause for a brief time, an absolutely pointless distraction.

The Bluejay’s had 8 hours of battery life compared to the beats 6 hour. This was probably due to the lower music quality, but I don’t think  the 2 hours of battery life will make a huge impact on my use, as I’ll often have access to a machine.

I enjoyed the Bluejay’s carrying case a lot more, it felt great, was easy to carry, and made out of plastic actually protected the headset. The beats carrying case feels cheap and made from cloth probably won’t protect the headphones when pressure is put on it.

Protections, seems to be the common problem with the Powerbeats. Many of the reviews on Amazon claim they are not water resistant and easily break within the first month of use.  While their sound quality is superior to most other wireless headsets, they are very fragile.


Many Amazon reviews have a common theme

“I purchased this for my husband as a gift. He’s only used them for 4 1/2 months, and just recently broke the housing while changing out the rubber ear pads. (See photo) They actually come with three or four different sizes so you can customize them. Great idea, right?! Wrong!!”

“The problem is that headphones have stopped working and cannot be charged. I have used the product for at most 35 times (on 35 days) when it stopped working. It simply does not get charged.”

“These would be great earphones if they actually continued to work. I work out 3-4 times a week, mostly cardio/running, and I do sweat when I workout”

“Best sound from a wireless earbud period! These are phenomenal. Great quality and reliability as well.”



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