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Installing MacPorts on macOS Sierra

At this moment there’s no package installer for MacPorts and Homebrew isn’t working at all. So to get MacPorts on a brand new installation of macOS Sierra we have to build it from source.

  1. cd” into the directory where you downloaded the package and run “tar xjvf MacPorts-2.3.4.tar.bz2” or “tar xzvf MacPorts-2.3.4.tar.gz”, depending on whether you downloaded the bz2 tarball or the gz one, respectively.
  2. Build and install the recently unpacked sources:
    • cd MacPorts-2.3.4
    • ./configure && make && sudo make install


    • cd ../
    • rm -rf MacPorts-2.3.4*

Running the Testing framework with Saucelabs and TravisCI

Saucelabs Test Video

TravisCI Log


TravisCI Java

TravisCI Encryption

This again was pretty straight forward. After signing up with TravisCI using my GitHub account I just had to add the .travis.yml file to the repository. Make sure to configure the travis file correctly and if need to be you can also add encrypted information. I happened to commit my access key, but TravisCI does offer encryption options. I’ll just have to go back and regenerate a new one 🙂


Configuring SauceLabs with Selenium and Serenity

GitHub Example Repository

Saucelabs Selenium Test

Serenity makes life pretty easy because it integrates well with Saucelabs. It’s as simple as adding the credentials and browser information into the file.

A useful tool is the list of platforms. Saucelabs only provides a certain variety of OS/Browser combinations so you have to make sure to run the correct combination. Also on the Saucelabs website we can find WIN7, however in Selenium WIN7 is not a valid enum, so we have to use vista instead. Here’s the list of valid platforms directly from Selenium source.

For example:

## Firefox 

##Internet Explorer 10

##Internet Explorer 9