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Picture of the Day #16

The tower against the sunset. Took me a while to get the tower details to even show, the lighting wouldn’t bulge and it was too dark for the longest time. Then I finally raised the exposure and the sky went bright and the details of the tower finally showed themselves.


Picture of the Day #14

The real UT mascots. Through the thin and the thick, they are always there for us. Digging in the grass, playing tag in the trees, and at the Student Activity Center waiting for a bite of our food. As we walk down the side walks busy with our lives and worried about our homework, they grab our attention and for a split second we get to forget the stress and just enjoy the world and the small things that make it great.

Picture of the Day #13

The Winter is coming they say. Starks and all of our favorite Game of Thrones characters know the winter is coming again. But Fall comes first and it’s signs are all around us. 


Picture of the Day #11

The many reactions and emotions we felt during the football Texas vs Cal game yesterday! Happiness, optimism, fear, doubt, hope, and “I can’t believe this sh*t”, when the kicker missed the one point kick.


Picture of the Day