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Running the Testing framework with Saucelabs and TravisCI

Saucelabs Test Video

TravisCI Log


TravisCI Java

TravisCI Encryption

This again was pretty straight forward. After signing up with TravisCI using my GitHub account I just had to add the .travis.yml file to the repository. Make sure to configure the travis file correctly and if need to be you can also add encrypted information. I happened to commit my access key, but TravisCI does offer encryption options. I’ll just have to go back and regenerate a new one 🙂



Upgrading TravisCI Build Scripts

If you’ve been running any TravisCI builds lately, you might have noticed the little yellow warning This job ran on our legacy infrastructure. Please read our docs on how to upgrade. Initially the upgrade they mention is pretty straight forward until one needs a specific version of a certain package, such as g++–4.8 or even installing Google’s GTest which is quite a hassle without sudo.

One of the main reasons for upgrading would be the increased performance and faster build times. My builds usually startup only a few seconds after my git push, which is remarkable compared to the 45 second wait times I’ve become accustomed to.
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TravisCI Push Dev to Master on Success

In the Software Engineering course I’m taking we were given a .travis.yml and makefile to help us automate our project deployment. By default even thought the makefile would notice missing files, the TravisCi testing would pass. So I ended up modifying the makefile to have it fail and force the TravisCI announce the broken build. I also added a new step which on a successful deployment would automatically merge the Dev and Master branches. 

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