Sony RX10 Mark II Review

I’ve been slowly learning photography for the last couple of years as a hobby during my free time. I started off with a simple $300 Canon, then went on to the $700 Sony RX100 III point and shoot, and now I finally got to this camera. Overall I’ve experienced cameras in a variety of price ranges and I must say if you want to make amazing pictures it will cost. With every jump in price I’ve noticed dramatically better pictures and sadly the iPhone often took better pictures than most of my other cameras. Well finally the iPhone has met its match!
Start off with the bad
Let me start off with the negative, the iPhone has amazing Slow Motion video recording. The interface is very intuitive and it’s amazingly quick to make a good slowmo video. With the Sony I’ve been practicing and playing around for almost a day and it still has me fumbling, it’s pretty darn confusing to make a slowmo videos. For some reason I haven’t been able to record slomo videos that are longer than 12 seconds yet, but that could just be me not knowing how to operate it yet.

I do have a couple of videos to show off thought.

Onto the good
Right of the start it takes amazing pictures! Night time shots are clear and even direct shots against the sun look amazing! Something I haven’t yet experienced. Usually when shooting against the sun the picture goes very dark, or extremely light, or maybe the sun just looks like a big white circle taking away from the beauty of whatever you are shooting. Well with the RX10 it looks like the sun just like you want it to look!

Against the sun

DSC00344 DSC00352

Night shots

In the night pictures I also show the zooming capabilities in night time, even thought the signs are across the street pretty far away they are readable.

DSC00002 DSC00003 DSC00008 DSC00009



Zoom goes pretty far. For the most part you can shoot from a good distance without any problems. You can see the picture of the top of the tower that’s 30 stories high. Everything is very clear. Whenever I was taking the picture I was playing with some of the effects the camera offers and so it has a little illustrated feel to it.

DSC00254 DSC00263 DSC00264


Wi-Fi is a lifesaver! Whenever I get a great picture and I want to upload it onto Instagram, Flickr, Facebook or whatever, I can just upload it to my phone using the export functionality and then upload it to the cloud. The export is pretty seamless and quick once everything is configured, which pretty much just means you need the Sony app on your phone. You can also export the pictures straight to the computer so you don’t have to carry a USB cable around. With that said, it’s wi-fi, so every picture takes like 50 seconds to transfer, so for mass imports you probably want the USB cable.

I’ll add more nifty features as I discover them and best of luck with your new camera!



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